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Men's Top 10 Sex Tips for Better Sex

Let's face it guys: some of you need a few pointers in the bedroom. Sex is just too good to take for granted, and there are many ways for you to spice things up in the bedroom and convince your girl that you are a Greek god in the sheets.

 The Yab-Yum Position

 The Yab-Yum is an Eastern Indian position that utilizes the synchronized breathing between you and your lover. Have her sit on your lap on the ground with a pillow underneath her. With your hands on her back and her hands on yours, synchronize your breathing, either alternatively or simultaneously. You'll be right on her clitoris, and it won't be long before penetration is achieved. It is a position she controls mostly, so she will definitely enjoy it.

 Clitoral Foreplay

 If you jump too quick into stimulating the clitoris, it can feel a bit coarse and unpleasant for a woman. Instead, start kissing the upper thighs and stimulating other parts of the body. After a little foreplay, wet your fingers and then start on the clitoris. This way, she's warmed up and primed perfectly for it. 

Pay Your Dues

 You've found a true tigress if at two weeks into your relationship she's already letting you do whatever you want to her in the bedroom. Sex takes time to develop between people, and you may need to ride with conventional sex for a while before you can both comfortably test your boundaries. Learn to enjoy simpler sex together, and then you can discuss more advanced techniques to try. 

Good Ol' Sex in the Back Seat

 Remember those old romantic car rides when you were younger? Why not take another sexy ride tonight? Revisiting your past experiences can greatly increase the chances for incredible sex, fueled by past feelings and that powerful innocence of a new relationship. Plus, having sex in a car is a classic sexual improvisation that at least everyone's done at least once. Why not give it another try?

 Love in an Elevator

 It's not just an Aerosmith tune. Having sex in an elevator can be very rewarding if neither of you are claustrophobic. Don't push the stop button in an electric elevator; you'll most likely sound an alarm, making for sex that must be quick and unpleasant. Older, freight elevators usually have no alarm, and you should be able to restart it when you're done. Do not overlook these public sex acts; you will not get in trouble, and they are, for most people, an absolute turn-on.

 Sex in the Wilderness

 Get in touch with your wild side and woo her in the woods. The primal, natural landscape will help you identify with your primitive selves, making for some truly animal-like, savage sex. Having sex outside in the elements has been shown to release more endorphins in the brain, and it's also undoubtedly pleasant on a nice day. Sex in a tent, on the other hand, is not so thrilling, but is also nice.

 Pillows and Beanbags How about a little extra texture and leverage the next time you have sex? Adding a pillow fulcrum underneath her bottom elevates her vagina, which expands its walls and allows for easier penetration. Beanbags on the other hand, have an incredible texture and "sinking" feeling that is great for sex. Anytime where you can alter her position and change the shape and response of her vagina will be greatly invaluable to your sexual diversity.

 Vibration Improvisation

 Break out a vibrator if she's got one, and you'll be on your to hearing sounds you've never heard her make before. Vibration has been shown more effective for female orgasm than penetration. If she doesn't own a vibrator, you must improvise. Try using one of your phones if it has a strong vibrating function (you'll want to sanitize it afterward, for sure!). The washer and dryer machines in your home also serve as a fantastic source of vibration. Get creative and use your imagination on your quest for vibration.

 Sex on the Train

 Who says you can't be Tom Cruise in Risky Business? Sex on a train is not only fun and thrilling; it's highly possible, especially on a late-night or early-morning train. You and your girl will love the natural shimmy and rhythm of the train, especially when it makes its stops. Don't be surprised if you catch the conductor's eyes peering through the cabin windows.

 The Power of Chocolate

 Chocolate is a mild aphrodisiac and has been predominately attributed to sex in the media and literature for many years. With such a sensual taste and smooth texture, one is immediately reminded of lust and sex when they eat it. There are few women who dislike chocolate, and you could be earning yourself some brownie points by buying her some luxury chocolate. We're not talking Hershey's, here; the darker and more expensive the chocolate, the better.

 As you can see, there are plenty of ways to bring a breath of fresh air to your sex life. All you need is the desire to want to try something different.
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Friendly Safe Sex Tips for Teens

Age, cultural differences or geographical boundaries may differ but when it comes to attaining sexual gratification, there is hardly any barrier to block it. Such is the power of sex that people of all age groups come under its spell pretty easily.

 That is to say, starting from teenagers and covering elderly people, everyone has their own opinion and viewpoint about sex and the ways to enjoy physical intimacy with a chosen partner.

 Our focus here is on educating our younger generation about the ill-effects of unprotected sex. There is a lot to be done to make them gain a complete view of the issue and learn to become serious while thinking, planning and engaging in any kind of sexual activity.

 To begin with, teens should understand the importance of safe sex and the ways to practice it. Practicing safe sex has many benefits attached to it, such as the prevention of:

 • Sexually transmitted infections

 • Surprise or unwanted pregnancies

 • Serious illnesses related to unsafe sex habits

 • Stress and agony

 • Long-term side-effects physically, mentally and psychologically

 • Forced abstinence from sex if diagnosed with infections or illnesses that have no proper cure

 • Difficulties in sexual health in the later stages of life

 • Social stigma and loss of social life

 So, as you see here, there are a lot of problems related to neglecting the importance of maintaining a healthy sexual lifestyle and resorting to unsafe sex practices right from teenage.

 Right before the first time you plan to take a plunge into the unexplored and a whole new world of sex, you have to promise to yourself that you will leave no stone unturned to make your sexual life is free from any kind of risk posed by free or unprotected sex.

 There is more to it than meets the eye-yes, the more serious and conscientious you are in your efforts to control your libido and opt for safe sex, the more healthy and trouble-free your sexual profile will be for many years to come.

 If you manage to adhere to safe sex practices as a first-timer, then there is no reason why you cannot become an expert in protected sex habits. Thus, you will be safeguarding not only your health but also partner's.

 The policy of "cradle to grave" comes in handy for practicing safe sex too. Once you put on the habit and get accustomed to it, then you would not want to take any risk even in case of engaging in casual sex. It's all in the mind!
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5 Simple Tips On How To Attract The Opposite Sex

If you want to know how to attract the opposite sex, read these five tips. The first tip on how to attract the opposite sex is to stand out in a crowd. Being the center of attention will create the illusion that you are worth getting to know. After all, everyone else evidently thinks so, so why shouldn't that special she or he as well?

If you can't do or say something to draw a crowd (no, not something tawdry) then simply stand in the center of the room. It works. Bars are the exception to this standing in the center rule.

Yes, it's still good to be the center of attention, but for some reason the best place to get noticed in a bar is in the corner. No, not on a timeout facing the wall, or looking like a scared little wallflower - but sitting at the end of the bar. Don't sit at a table. You're less approachable in a bar when you're at a table, and someone of the same sex is bound to ask to join you if the bar is crowded.

 Color is important in your attempt to attract the opposite sex. Not only can it help you attract the opposite sex but you can also have some control of which of the opposite sex you attract by choosing the colors of your wardrobe.

 Color consultants have studied color's effect on the opposite sex and the determination is that most women find men who wear blue the most attractive of those wearing any other color. Blue conveys a message of stability, constancy, dependability and faithfulness. Of course, the fact that clothes and their colors match that the tie coordinates with that blue suit and the socks aren't green helps make a good impression as well.

 For women who want to know how to use color to attract the opposite sex, the generally safe color is pink or peach. It makes a woman's skin glow with a look of health, no matter what her skin tone is. These are the colors that convey soft and vulnerable too, which macho males are attracted to.

 Now, if you want to make sure you don't convey vulnerability, if you're strong and you want the man to know it and you want to be sure and find a guy for whom this isn't a threat, then wear a deep red, plum or burgundy. Red is certainly the most sensual of colors, but it's also the most powerful too.

 The two types of men that red will attract are those attracted to powerful women and those who are interested primarily in sex. With red you might find the man who isn't threatened by your strength, but you also may have to weed through a lot of horny chaff to finally find him. If you want to find out how not to attract the opposite sex wear yellow green. They're sure to stay away in droves.
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What Motivates A Woman To Want Sex And What Is It About Sex And Her Partner That Turns Her On?

Be obvious that you want to be intimate but it would keep much more indicating if you two were on the route towards a much more committed connection. Allow him know that your demands and wishes are just as crucial to you as his are to him and that you hope, in time, he'll see the foreseeable future by means of the very same eyes as you do.

 Alright stud I hope you are ready to listen to the suggestions on how to get a lady to have sexual intercourse with you. Obtaining a girl to have sexual intercourse with you can be a quite difficult method, even for us pro's. It would seem that sometimes they bounce into mattress with any man that arrives alongside, and at other occasions they won't even consider a 2nd look at a Brad Pitt appear-alike. So what are the mysterious elements that result in a ladies to leap a guys bones when absolutely everyone believed she was a very good female? Allows consider a search and uncover some of these specifics.

 Time Stress: Time strain is one particular of the most essential underlying themes when it comes to knowing how to get a female to have sexual intercourse with you. It's a frequent psychological trait of human beings to act when there is a time pressure extra to the situation.

You have observed individuals advertisements on Television when they have a sale and it's for a constrained time? Effectively its the same basic principle apart from applied to seduction. The trick with using it, is to give a time pressure so that in the girl's brain she is aware of that she has to make a determination whether to sleep with you or not.

This places a "pressure" in her thoughts that will with any luck , make her act sooner relatively than afterwards. In a woman's thoughts, some thing that has a time pressure is also anything a lot more worthwhile, and if it (you) may well turn into unavailable in a specific time period of time, then you abruptly have a higher price. It's a double edged sword.

 Now listed here is a single of my most meticulously guarded tricks. I will now tell you specifically how to use it to your best gain. This is one particular of the biggest tools for seduction you will at any time have, and if you use it appropriately it will guide to many far more successes.

 How To Use Time Force To Develop Action. The total reason of utilizing time force is to get a woman to have sexual intercourse with you NOW. Not tomorrow, not in two days, not in a 7 days, and most certainly not in a thirty day period. We want her to act NOW.

Now it just relies upon what time body you would like to set up, and then employing that time frame to get what you want. My strategy of environment the time frame is to say that I am going to and will depart that identical working day. That indicates that if she doesn't have a day with me the identical working day, she will Never see me once more.

This forces her to possibly accept my supply to go on a date correct there and then, or at the very least set up a date that same night which is not excellent, but can perform.
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Saturday, January 5, 2013

The Many Benefits Of Regular Sex

By Andrea Servan

You already know there are all sorts of physical benefits connected with having regular sex. It burns up calories, raises your heart rate, gives your body a workout, etc. If you want to enhance your sexual experience, the proextender is something you should check out if you are a man. Did you already know, however, that having intercourse frequently can be very great for your mental health? No kidding around! It is likely you know that you get a feeling of satisfaction from having regular intercourse but regular sex really is quite helpful for your brain and your body.

Intercourse, after all, is exercise. Any time you exercise your body makes endorphins. Endorphins are responsible for mood elevation and a complete sense of well-being. That's why you usually feel so wonderful once you've done an intensive workout at the gym. The endorphins that get produced during sex work exactly the same way as they are exactly the same endorphins. That's why, besides the beneficial feelings related to achieving sexual climax, you feel great after you and your partner have a satisfying sexual encounter.

A climax helps to open up individuals both on a physical and also a mental level. This is the goal most of us have in mind while having intercourse. For men who want to increase their odds of climax, consume some male extra before your intercourse. The orgasm relieves you of the stresses you might have been feeling before you got between the sheets and can help keep it from coming back for quite some time. You feel sort of high after a climax that makes it easier to resolve difficulties and that can help you lower your overall stress levels.

Self-worth is bolstered through sexual intercourse because the intercourse itself induces the people having it to give in and simply enjoy pleasure for a little while. The pleasure does not only come from the physical part of sex. You'll find that you get pleasure from the extra skin on skin contact you share with the other person both prior to and right after you have sexual intercourse. It originates from feeling that close to another individual emotionally. It arises from the laughter and the pleasure of company. A lot of wonderful things could happen while making love. If you have sex frequently, you are going to feel great things on a regular basis.

Sex encourages intimacy and emotional closeness with other people. Long term relationships experience this even more fully. The connection that takes place because of the regular sexual intercourse helps any person feel secure and safe. It is easier to feel great about yourself when you know that you are safe and bonded to someone else on every level both emotionally and physically. This is the reason the intimacy of making love can be very beneficial to a person's mental health even if neither of the individuals has orgasmic pleasure during every encounter.

You will find a lot of reasons that having sex frequently can help a person feel great. Also, it is very true that most of that benefit will originate from having a long term sexual relationship with just one partner. So don't be afraid of that commitment, it can help you feel great in all kinds of ways!

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Why Sex Is Good For Your Health

By Farrah Glance

You know how many physical rewards can be received through having sex. Along with other things, it helps you burn a lot of calories, increases the rate of your heart, gives you a total body workout...you get the idea. Did you already know, however, that having sexual intercourse on a regular basis can be very good for your mental health? It's the truth! Sure you most likely know that you feel generally happier when you are having regular intercourse, but the truth is that regular sex is fantastic for your brain and your body.

Sex is, all things considered, a workout. Whenever you work out your body creates endorphins. Endorphins help lift up your mood and your sense of well-being. This is why you usually feel so amazing once you've done an intensive workout at the gym. The endorphins that get released during sex work the same way since they are the same endorphins. This is the reason, in addition to the beneficial feelings associated with achieving sexual climax, you feel great after you and your partner have a satisfying sexual encounter.

Sexual climax helps to open up men and women both on a physical and also a mental level. That is why it's something that individuals work toward when they have sexual intercourse. The orgasmic pleasure relieves you of the stresses you might have been feeling before you got between the sheets and can help keep it from coming back for quite some time. The high that results from a climax can help you resolve difficulties easier and clearly which, consequently, can lessen your stress levels.

Self-worth gets bolstered by having sex since the act of intercourse itself encourages both people to just give into the pleasure and enjoy it for a bit. The pleasure isn't going to just come from the physical act of sex per se. It comes from the increased skin on skin contact both prior to and later on. Additionally, it is obtained through feeling close to someone else on an emotional level. It's the result of the laughter and contentment you share during your companionship. If you are a man, you can use sizegenetics to boost your male performance and take the whole experience to the next level. Intercourse can result in lots of wonderful things. If you have sex on a regular basis, you will feel great things frequently.

The act of sex really encourages both the intimacy and emotional closeness people can share. Long-term relationships feel this all the more fully. Those who have intercourse with each other frequently bond in a manner that helps them both feel safe. It is much easier to feel good about who you are when you are aware you're safe and feel bonded to another person on all levels both emotionally and physically. This is the reason the intimacy of making love can be quite good for a person's mental health even if neither of the individuals experiences orgasm during every encounter.

There are a number of reasons that regular sex can help an individual feel great. Creating a long term intimate relationship with just one partner creates an even bigger benefit; this is the truth. So you should not be scared of that commitment, it can help you feel much better in all kinds of ways!

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How To Identify The Best Sex Position

By Anthony Walker

I have come to learn (from experience) that love isn't generally enough to maintain a relationship going strong. Intimacy and closeness is essential to having a solid, happy, and healthy relationship. A man's biggest sex organ isn't his Johnson, it's his mind. If his brain is drawn to you, his thoughts cannot but follow, because a man's mind does what his brain tells him to do. To entice a guy is, therefore, to bypass his thinking mind and appeal to his primitive brain. You can do so using these foreplay ideas;


In case you as well as your lover happen to be together for some time, there is a good chance that you most likely haven't gone out on a date. Many partners get to a point within their partnership that's commonly called 'the comfort zone'. This zone is not one which you would like to maintain, as the relationship might feel a lot more like a friendship. To avoid this from happening, ask your husband on a date.

Although some ladies feel that their guys must probably do the asking, one foreplay hint is that you sometimes need to take hold of the situation yourself. Now may be among those times. Choose an action that is romantic, for instance a romantic comedy for a movie or even a wonderful restaurant. It will help to spark a little bit of romance and passion in your relationship, which might result in better and closer intimacy.


When it comes to romance, in a relationship, women occasionally believe that men should do it. You will also wish to if you understood what pleasure is derived from it. One of several easiest ways to do so is by doing a number of romantic motions. When out shopping with your boyfriend, grab his hand and hold it for a long time (not too long though; he may want to get his wallet. Haha!). When walking by him in the house, give them a quick kiss. Sending a love note to him at the office is one other romantic motion that you might want to try.


If your partnership enters into a comfortable zone, sex and intimacy might appear to be a thing of history. If you do have sexual intercourse, it may look a lot more like a responsibly, a chore, or perhaps work. To aid decrease this sort of feeling, be sexy and seductive. Do not await him to initiate sex and don't ask if he is up for it first, just get right down to business. Strip your companion or simply just remove his clothes. Snuggle next to him on the couch and simply start massaging his body. You may be surprised exactly how easy and effective it's to be sexy and seductive.


As it was previously mentioned, don't ask if he wants to have sex and do not wait for him to start. Rather, take matters into your own hands. Whether you start with a little bit of foreplay or jump right into the intercourse, do this. Your husband should like the surprise. Also, keep in mind that being spontaneous involves having sexual intercourse at different times of the day, as well as in different locations of the home.

Bedroom Play

To enhance sex and intimacy it is important to understand that a change will do you good. You may want to suggest to your husband that you experiment in the bedroom or bring them on their suggestion to do so. Keep in mind that experimenting in the bedroom doesn't have to mean getting an additional sex partner or doing something that causes you to feel uncomfortable. The latest sex position may be just what your relationship requires.

Be Smart

Approach your male when he is with his social group, not when he is alone. Acknowledge him but make small talk first with his male (or female) friends. Soon you will observe the guy you are interested in looking at you with attention. Listen for something you've got in accordance, such as an desire for photography.

Activate his mental interest with a smile and a light touch. You are short-circuiting his mind by appealing straight to his primitive, limbic brain. Be ready in advance with some funny stories of you and your previous boyfriends and tell them to him when he begins to indicate interest. Soon he will indicate his interest in you by fondling or otherwise touching or asking about the outrageous accessory you have brought. This is his mind turned on by his brain.

Sensitive Organs To Tend To During Sex


Although the lips entirely are sensitive, according to "Cosmopolitan," the curve between his outside lower lip and his chin contains very sensitive nerve receptors. While kissing, grab his bottom lip with your lips and caress this curve with your tongue, back and forth.


There are a couple erogenous areas on his neck which are noteworthy. The nape of the neck and collarbone area is especially sensitive, plus the small area right below his Adam's apple. Gently touch the nape of the neck with your fingers, wet lips or even a feather. Make use of the flat of your tongue to softly work your way up to his Adam's apple, pausing just beneath it to make wide circles with your tongue.


A man's nipples may be a lot more sensitive compared to a female's, because the nerve endings are shorter. Furthermore, men generally are not used to having that area touched in the heat of the moment. Roll the nipple gently with your fingers, increasing speed and pressure. Slowly lick circularly just outside his areola using the tip of your tongue, spiraling inward till reaching the center, then biting very gently.


You may call the inner thighs 'the gift wrapping to his package'. Slowly and firmly stroke his inner thigh, beginning half-way between his knee and groin and working your own way upwards. Move your fingertips softly up and down his inner thigh. As soon as you make your way up, tease your finger up and down the crevice where his thigh and groin meet.

Whoever said ladies aren't smart? They for sure are with these smartly devised foreplay tips. What a man can do...

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